Scotia access systems



9th December 2015.



I am writing this testimonial regarding my experience over the last 18 months with MWF General Engineering.


Scotia access systems have executed numerous major projects over the past few years with high level engineering requirements.


In order for Scotia to deliver our projects, we required MWF General Engineering to provide a number of critical components which were required in order for us to deliver access solutions on various projects such as, load earing support brackets, mast climber anchorage components, wall plates and mast posts etc.


Mark, Peter and their team reacted in a timely manner to our demands and time frames, and supplied exceptional cost effective equipment at a very high standard.


I highly recommend MWF General Engineering, and look forward to working closely with them in the future.



Yours sincerely,

William Strange

Operations Manager – Scotia Access System Pty Ltd

0426 794 401