MWF Aggregator Spreader

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‘MWF Aggregator Spreader’

Our spreader is Australian made and manufactured completely in-house. Our spreader is built for maximum durability, giving you lower maintenance and repair costs, and less downtime saving you time and money. Customer tested within the Asphalt Road Surfacing and maintenance industry over the past 5 years.

MWF’s spreader boxes are automatic-controlled aggregate spreaders used for road sealing applications. Our spreader boxes are designed and manufactured in our workshop using the highest quality materials. Our spreader allows the driver to change not only the width of aggregate flow but also to which side it is being spread.

Extendable Spread Width – Our spreader boxes have extensions wings on either side to allow the aggregate flow to extend beyond the width of the truck, which in turn extends the range of use of the spreader box.

It’s easy to operate by the driver directly from the cab in complete safety with the whole operation of the 10 electric over air controlled multi-combination gates carried out from the cab with the use of dashboard mounted controls.

The spreader’s operating system is of heavy duty construction with a spread width of approx. 3 meters.

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  • Operator friendly. Simple controls allow for minimal training

  • 100% Australian made and manufactured

  • Significantly reduces margin for human error

  • Drastically reduces waste

  • High level of accuracy

  • The feed of the material to the spreader gates is maintained by a pre-set choke plate lever

  • Multi-combination 10 gate in-cab control box

What Our Clients Say

“MWF General Engineering have for the past 15 years been engaged to repair, design, fabricate and install numerous projects with a high level of service and quality.
The size and scope of works needed has covered all aspects from a low to high level of engineering requirements.
Work carried out but not limited to e.g. custom balustrading, walkway landings and access stairs, shade structures and grandstands etc.

MWF General Engineering has always been professional and courteous and supplied exceptional work in a timely manner that meets our budget, build requirements and timeframes.
I have no hesitation in recommending MWF General Engineering and look forward to continuing our successful working relationship in the future.

Craig Derrick – Facilities Manager

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Mark and the MWF team have a vast knowledge and experience in General Fabrication, Manufacturing, Machining and Custom Design with a combined experience spanning over 50 years are known for being able to accommodate any project from conception to finish.

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