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Custom fabrication involves the creation of new products from raw metal materials. The entire process can involve the cutting, machining and welding of these materials to create the final product.
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Custom Design Fabrication

Custom fabrication facilitates you with the design of your own vision, specification and requirements. If you have a unique metal creation in your mind, we can help you make your vision reality. We pride ourselves on being able to work with you from initial concept and design through to manufacture and completion.

At MWF we focus on designing and manufacturing high-quality products in Brisbane and providing solutions to all our clients. We can design, machine, manufacture and repair a diverse range of products, utilising welding technologies in the manufacturing process and allowing for the construction of high-grade and complex metal components.

Below are just a few of our specialties:

  • Custom Balustrading and Handrails

  • Industrial Tooling

  • Specialised Custom Trailers

  • Plant Equipment Skids

  • Equipment Jibs

  • Bio-Waste Tanks

  • De-watering Skid Units

  • Truck Bodies and Trays

  • Flat-top Trailers with ramps

  • Equipment Jibs

  • Vehicle Safety Barriers

  • 2 in1 Tipper Trailer

  • Semi-trailer custom modifications and repairs

  • Augers, Hoppers, Trommels and Conveyors

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Engineering Solutions

Custom design is the process of creating one of kind pieces that are unique to a problem or an industry. MWF can bring your ideas to life and create unique one off pieces, or high production units for commercial applications. Our engineering solution might be just what you are looking for to solve your problem. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific engineering requirements. All of our solutions are fit for purpose to suit your individual needs.

Our passion is improving the way parts work; if you need your item to work better, easier or safer we can help from testing ideas to solving your problem. Mark and the MWF team’s knowledge of components, systems and integration allow us to efficiently turn your project into production.

We can collaborate with residential, industrial and commercial customers across all industries to offer innovative engineering solutions for their custom design projects including problem solving with our clients and third party providers for certifications if required such as: Engineer drafting & design or certification of your design or non-destructive testing and reporting.

Need Help Bringing Your Idea To Life?

We make the impossible probable for our client’s vision.
A lot of the time, a job or idea are not so simple or cut & dry and requires multiple steps and thinking outside the box with creative thinking. We take the time to sit down and discuss with our customers their requirements to see that their job has a final outcome.

Our talent for creating custom designs means we can provide our clients with specialty welding and fabrication services, as well as offering them expert advice from the initial design consultation through the build process to completion, we will work closely with you to ensure your vision is brought to life.
The team specialise in all aspects of customised metal welding and fabrication and can assist with any steel product such as, stainless steel, aluminium or steel. Our qualified boilermaker, fitters and welders can satisfy client specifications and expectations, ensuring your projects are completed on time and within budget.
The team has completed many custom projects, joining forces with clients to design, create and fabricate made-to-order products.

Have a look through our photo gallery to see some of the outstanding pieces we have fabricated and get in touch to see how we can assist with your project.

MWF Has Over 50yrs Industry Experience In Welding, Fabrication, Machining, Custom Design, Modifications and Repairs in Brisbane.


In order for Scotia to deliver our projects, we required MWF General Engineering to provide a number of critical components which were required in order for us to deliver access solutions on various projects such as, load bearing support brackets, mast climber anchorage components, wall plates and mast posts etc.

Mark, Peter and their team reacted in a timely manner to our demands and time frames and supplied exceptional cost effective equipment at a very high standard.

William Strange
William Strange
Operations Manager – Scotia Access System Pty Ltd

Your commitment to excellence really stands out. It makes my job much easier, knowing that the parts you produce for me will be of the highest quality and on time. Keep up the good work!

Ross Phillott
Ross Phillott
Purchasing at JBS Australia