Lay them out in a line, and Australia’s roads would stretch almost 820,000 kilometres. That’s more than the distance to the moon and back.

Despite this alarming figure, the world is shifting gears and switching to greener electric vehicles to lower the carbon footprint generated by road traffic. But what about the road construction equipment needed to build new roads and repair old ones?

Aggregate spreaders are part of the solution. Read on to discover how an aggregate spreader can improve sustainability within the road construction industry.

Sustainable Roads

By embracing new advanced technologies and incorporating eco-friendly road construction equipment, we are revolutionising the way we build roads. This is leading to a more resilient and greener transportation infrastructure that fits with the principles of a circular economy.

A circular economy attains sustainable consumption and production, along with natural positive consequences. Once they have served their initial purpose, products get remanufactured, recycled, or reused. This reduces pressure on the environment and helps deal with global challenges such as pollution, climate change, biodiversity and waste.

A sustainable road is one designed, constructed and maintained with a priority on reducing its environmental impact. The focus is on promoting future resilience, conserving natural resources, and promoting more sustainable practices. Greener roads seek to offset our transportation needs with social, economic and ecological factors.

Aggregate Spreaders Explained

Aggregate Spreaders are machines used for spreading aggregate evenly at a uniform rate on a surface. They are an essential part of road construction equipment when repairing or constructing freeways and highways, for example.

Aggregate is a broad term we use to describe medium-grained particles used in road construction and in other industries. These particles could take the form of gravel, sand, crushed stone, slag or concrete for example.

Aggregate is used to create a stable road base or foundation with uniform and predictable properties. One of its purposes is to help stop differential settling under a road. Some aggregates get used as a low-cost extender that binds with more costly asphalt or cement to form concrete.

An aggregate spreader is the road construction equipment used to disperse the product. Operators can control the rate at which they spread the aggregate by opening the spreader gate or by adjusting the truck’s speed.

A slower speed leads to heavier coverage, and a faster speed will result in lighter coverage. By sticking to a constant speed, skilled operators achieve a uniform spread.

The Importance of the Design of Aggregate Spreaders 

MWF Engineering has designed its aggregate spreaders to meet the demands of Australian climatic and environmental conditions. We believe only home-grown engineering can do that properly. We’ve also engaged in the debate about sustainability.

Road construction involves the use of huge quantities of expensive aggregate. Therefore, it’s vital that road construction equipment is available to maximise the use of the materials.

Aggregate spreaders are precisely the solution to ensure little to no waste. MWF’s spreader boxes are a cut above the rest. We’ve designed and manufactured them in our bespoke workshop using only top-quality materials.

How Aggregate Spreaders Can Enhance Sustainability

The automated controls are ideal for road sealing applications. They ensure even distribution with pinpoint accuracy so that the correct quantity of materials goes to the right places. Drivers have the option to change the width of aggregate flow and decide on which side to spread the aggregate.

The overall impact on the environment is far kinder compared to more traditional ways to spread aggregate. Our aggregate spreaders involve better fuel consumption, boosting overall efficiency. Fuel is one of the key expenses in any road construction project, so keeping the quantity used as low as possible plays into increased profits.

Using Aggregate Spreaders made by MWF Engineering has other advantages that can benefit the environment. For example, more even distribution leads to the creation of stronger and more durable roads.

Such roads are far more resistant to extreme weather, and because they are of such high quality, there’s a huge reduction in the need for repairs. Maximising the lifespan of roads is a crucial part of sustainability enhancement.

Building roads takes time, a huge workforce and costly materials. So, being able to extend the lifespan of any road with less need for repair is going to have a positive impact on the environment over the long term.

Further benefits include:

  • A big reduction in waste
  • Greater efficiency through the multi-combination 10 gate in-cab control box
  • A significant reduction in the margin of human error
  • Superb accuracy levels

A pre-set choke plate lever maintains the feed of material to the spreader. We’ve paid particular attention to the design of the aggregate spreader’s controls. Our aggregate spreaders are simple to operate, greatly reducing training costs.

MWF Engineering’s aggregate spreaders have built a reputation for maximum durability, leading to lower repair and maintenance costs. The result of a top-quality spreader means there is less downtime saving those involved in the road construction business valuable time and money.

Our spreaders have extension wings on each side. These let operators and drivers extend the aggregate flow beyond the width of the truck, boosting the spreader box’s versatility and allowing it to operate in more locations with greater efficiency.

The driver can operate the spreader directly from the cab in total safety. They do this using the dashboard-mounted controls to operate the 10 electric over-air controlled multi-combination gates.

The operating system of our heavy-duty aggregate spreader has a dispersal width of approximately 3 metres. This is reliable, high-quality road construction equipment at its best.

Aggregate Spreaders Made by MWF Engineering

Our team has experience in all areas of general engineering, including road construction equipment. We’ve made a commitment to offering great-value products at reasonable prices and pride ourselves on the high quality of our customer service.

We’ve backed our aggregate spreaders with excellent warranties. Our highly skilled team is on hand to answer any questions you have about MWF Engineering’s aggregate spreaders. Do get in touch if there’s anything further you’d like to find out about.