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MWF Aggregate Spreader & Tipper Body with Walking Floor Integration

MWF Aggregate Spreader & Tipper Body with Walking Floor Integration

MWF proudly presents its latest innovation, the MWF Tipper Body equipped with a dynamic walking floor, seamlessly compatible with our renowned MWF Aggregate Spreader. Our integrated system offers unparalleled versatility and efficiency in material handling.

Controlled from the convenience of the cab, our walking floor body boasts variable speed capabilities tailored to ensure smooth and continuous product flow. Enhanced operator visibility is facilitated through advanced monitoring and camera systems, streamlining the selection of flow speed and adjustment of the product floor.

Crafted with robust construction, the MWF walking floor Body is purposefully designed to withstand the rigours of the Australian environment and diverse product specifications. Despite its heavy-duty build, our walking floor body retains the agility and convenience of complete hydraulic tipping control, facilitating swift and effortless cleaning and product changes as necessary.

At the heart of our tipper body lies a hydraulically driven (un)loading and conveying system, featuring a series of meticulously engineered floor slats that seamlessly “walk” material out during operation. Powered by a high-pressure hydraulic system, the floor moves harmoniously forward or backward, ensuring efficient material handling with every use.

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Tipper Body Walking Floor And Aggregate Spreader Combo

Benefits of a ‘Walking Floor’

  • A walking/moving floor system saves tipping the body

  • Is safer unloading in a horizontal position

  • More control over product distribution to spreader box – no augers required

  • Multi-functional

  • MWF truck body spreader tailgate can be adapted. Optional accessory for normal tipper use

  • 100% Australian made and manufactured

Our truck body incorporates a moving walking floor which is a hydraulically driven (un)loading/conveying system that features a series of floor slats that “walk” material out as it moves. The high-pressure hydraulic system powers the floor to move forward or backward in unison.

Other names for a ‘WALKING FLOOR’

These go by many names: walking floor, self-unloading or even live bottom, but they all refer to the same type of transport. Usually trailers not tipper or truck bodies so this is unique to us

At MWF we design and manufacture a range of truck bodies to suit almost any application. All our truck and trailer bodies are manufactured to the highest standards while being customised to suit your needs.

Through a consulting process exploring all options and possibilities, we make sure you receive the correct body suitable for your applications.



How A Walking Floor or Moving Floor Works.

Hydraulically driven floor planks horizontally move bulk material across the trailer floor both in unload and load configurations.

The moving floor planks are divided into three sets onto the cross drives When all three sets of planks move in unison, the load moves in the direction the operator selects. Plank retraction (during which the load does not move) is accomplished by moving only one set of planks at a time. The single set of planks slides beneath the load and the friction of the load on the two stationary sets of planks prevents the load from moving.

Who Needs Walking Floor Transport Solutions?

Many industries use walking floor trailers to haul different types of bulk cargo. Walking floor trucks are the ideal choice for projects that require materials deposited in confined spaces or where overhead hazards impede access.

Due to the unique moving floor system, walking floor trucks work by pushing the product out horizontally. This means cargo can be transported and deposited wherever the walking floor truck can go – under bridges, beneath overhead powerlines, and into tunnels, for example.

They can safely unload on uneven ground and provide the operator with superior control when unloading cargo, including partial loads.

MWF understands the need for safety, flexibility and control. Walking floor Body makes this all possible.

What Our Clients Say

“As a construction manager in Brisbane, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various truck bodies, but the MWF Moving Floor Truck Body has revolutionised our operations. The innovative design of the MWF Aggregate Spreader & Tipper Body, incorporating a moving walking floor, offers unparalleled efficiency and safety. The in-cab control panel with variable speed settings allows for precise control over product flow, making unloading smoother and faster.