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Welding Services

We provide welding services to residential, commercial, industrial sectors and all other industries. We have a range of techniques to ensure whatever the job is, it is done with precision and professionalism. Having been in the industry for a combined 50 years our welding techniques and processes are of the highest standard.

Our experience and capabilities provide a diverse service in metal fabrication and welding of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as:  carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum using a variety of welding techniques and processes including TIG, MIG, Stick, Oxy, Inner Shield and Pulsed.

We weld using the following methods:

  • MIG – used in the workshop as the most cost effective fabrication method for mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum components.
  • TIG – used with lighter gauge stainless steel and aluminum fabrications but can also be needed for welding aluminum castings, etc.
  • Electrode – used for welding situations where the area to be welded can’t be easily cleaned or for site welding where wind conditions can make MIG and TIG welding impractical. Also used for welding the likes of cast iron.
  • Silver Solder – commonly used for brass fittings, copper tube, etc and is also useful for joining dissimilar metals such as brass to stainless steel.

When appearance matters, we recommend TIG welding for those bespoke items.

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Custom Welding | MWF General Engineering Brisbane

We can design and weld equipment for any project

Consider us your one-stop shop for all your high-quality, precision welding and fabrication requirements to complete projects of all sizes, including balustrades and rails, structural steel, custom projects, framework and all other aspects of metal welding.

Our workshop and qualified boilermakers and welders are specialists in the welding of industrial products, using metals in all grades of carbon steel, aluminium, stainless steel and alloys manufacturing lightweight or high-strength components, we can provide one off small jobs right through to complete custom builds, componentry work and repetitious metal manufacturing including custom welding.

We combine welding and machining capabilities to develop custom process engineering solutions for our clients and their unique challenges to provide customised products and engineering solutions to industries across Queensland.

We can assist with all metal welding projects such as: pipe, aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel or custom welding and we can also tend to all aspects of metal fabrication and work with all varieties of metal products including box section, tube, pipe, plate and sheet.

Steel Fabrication

Steel fabrication has an array of applications from construction, mining to civil engineering infrastructure. Put simply, steel fabrication takes steel pieces and redefines them into particular shapes through the cutting, bending and welding of these steel materials. We provide an array of Steel Fabrication services from the light fabrication of aluminium products to the turning and milling of steel.

Our team has a wide range of expetise and knowlegde in all aspects of welding and can fabricate any required component of your project, including stainless steel. We are happy to walk our clients through all aspects of your fabrication project.

For a complete professional look to your project, we can off our products in a variety of finishes such as: powder coated, galvanized, sandblasted, wet-sprayed, zinc coated or corten raw finish (patina rusted).

MWF Has Over 50yrs Industry Experience In Welding, Fabrication, Machining, Custom Design, Modifications and Repairs.


In order for Scotia to deliver our projects, we required MWF General Engineering to provide a number of critical components which were required in order for us to deliver access solutions on various projects such as, load bearing support brackets, mast climber anchorage components, wall plates and mast posts etc.

Mark, Peter and their team reacted in a timely manner to our demands and time frames and supplied exceptional cost effective equipment at a very high standard.

William Strange
William Strange
Operations Manager – Scotia Access System Pty Ltd

Your commitment to excellence really stands out. It makes my job much easier, knowing that the parts you produce for me will be of the highest quality and on time. Keep up the good work!

Ross Phillott
Ross Phillott
Purchasing at JBS Australia


ABOUT MWF Engineering

Mark and the MWF team have a vast knowledge and experience in General Fabrication, Manufacturing, Machining and Custom Design with a combined experience spanning over 50 years are known for being able to accommodate any project from conception to finish.

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